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Atiku’s campaign official tells the PDP to fire Bud George

Adetokunbo Pires, a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential campaign committee, urged the party to expel Bud George.

The tribal chief accused the former national vice president of anti-party activities.

Pearce made the call at a press conference on Wednesday at the PDP Secretariat in Lagos.

His comments came after George met with five governors led by Rivers Gov. Nesom Wake.

Wike and his colleagues and other complainants announced the formation of the integrity group on Sunday.

They repeated their demand that the national president, Eurechia Ayo, resign and be succeeded by a southerner, since Atiku hails from the north.

Pearce said that expelling George from the party would give the PDP a fair chance of winning Lagos in 2023.

He noted that members, including department heads, insisted that George leave the party “to survive and win the election”.

“This is the voice of the people and these department heads are a way to make our members’ voices heard.

“We appeal to the party leadership to send a notice of expulsion to Chief Olabud George,” Nunn quoted him as saying.

Atiku’s campaign official tells the PDP to fire Bud George

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