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BBTitans: DJ Deep London gets attacked for boring performance

Big Brother Titans viewers called out DJ Depp London for his poor performance during Saturday night’s first gig.

The disc jockey, who performed in the house on Saturday night, was denounced by the crowd, accusing him of making the party boring and playing only South African songs that did not please the housemates or the viewers.

Here are some of the comments collected by the DAILY POST:

thic_didi: “This guy isn’t a DJ. Wherever they go he kidnaps a mixer on the side of the road. He’s not a DJ.”

itsmariekent: “Nigerians have every right to rant honestly. This is a show featuring two African countries, and it is unfair to have a DJ playing only one song and not even playing one Naija song.”

Lindo_T15: “For everyone who’s confused out there, we as South Africans are confused too. We really don’t know what the DJ plays. We have a lot of beautiful songs in SA, and the songs he plays are deep songs.”

TWEETORACLE: “DJ is the biggest problem at this party tonight. I honestly wish I could pick it up from there.”

tiarasecrets: “Let’s just say the party is a flop. Not many housemates drink the sponsored drink. Only a few housemates feel like DJing. At some point all the housemates just sat down. Big Watts going on? Na so they die doing here ?

Narine_: “I’m done, turn off the TV. This party tonight will go down in history as the worst party ever in Big Brother history thanks to DJ Deep London whoever. He just underestimated SA tonight.”

@tifemi996: “In whatever you do in this life, never trust a SA DJ in your club business. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS MAN PLAYS WITH ALL THESE AMAPAPIANO WE HEARED SO FAR IS THIS WHAT THIS DEEP LONDON COULD COME UP ?

lere_breed: “Nigerians, let’s admit this is SA big brother. They are just using us to bring attention to the show in SA. If a DJ decides to be a fool, the organizers can act like they don’t know what’s going on.”

kuvorr: “South Africans clearly need Nigerians to help provide wider coverage for their show. If not, what the hell is this DJ playing? Everything about the show was about their country, South Africa is clearly going to win the show.”

BBTitans: DJ Deep London gets attacked for boring performance

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