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BBTitians: How the housemates nominated each other for eviction

The Big Brother Titians nominated two housemates for possible eviction on Sunday.

Housemates were asked to nominate housemates after Mmeili won the Head of House award this week.

Mmeili emerged victorious after a game of chance.

Ipelang chose to share his reward and room.

After rehearsal, Biggie announced that all housemates except HoH would be evicted on Sunday.

However, it is not certain if any housemates will be evicted during the live show on Sunday.

Here’s how to nominate 20 of the housemates.

1 Ipeleng- Jenny O and Olivia

2 – Balakboy – Yemi Kreijks and Yaya

3 Yaya – Nana and Belkaboy

4 Ippo- Justin and Nana

5 Marvin- Justin and Jose

6 Nelissa- Khosi and Nana

7 Yummy- Olivia and Nana

8 Jose-Jaypee and Jenny O

9 Kanaga Jr.- Lukai and Olivia

10- Tsatsi- Nana and Lukai

11 Justin- Nelissa and Nana

12 Olivia – Yemi and Jose

13 Jaypee- Yemi and Jose

14 Thabang – Justin and Nana

15 Yvonne- Marvin and Tasty

16 Lukai- Justin and Olivia

17 Nana- Yemi and Jaypee

18 Juicy J- Justin and Nana

19 Jenny, Tasty and Jose

20 Mmeili- Nana and Belkaboi.

BBTitians: How the housemates nominated each other for eviction

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