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Bennani begins her election campaign with a renewed appeal for women

The gubernatorial candidate for the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Adamawa state Senator Aisha Ahmed Bennani kicked off her campaign at the community level with a renewed appeal to women.

Bennani, who won the APC party ticket last year by relying heavily on the votes of female delegates, said on Tuesday that she can be trusted as a woman and mother to keep her promises.

Speaking to the crowds that had gathered in the communities around the local government areas of Tongo and Jani to welcome her, Bennani assured that as a woman, she would serve them wholeheartedly.

Urging people to beware of politicians and candidates for political office who come to make promises to them only to forget such promises, Bennani said, “Don’t listen to politicians who come just to deceive you. Trust me because what I say I will do is what I will do.”

She said that she would prioritize the welfare of the people, and that she would make skill acquisition centers in the country operational so that everyone could learn skills and create wealth for themselves.

Alhaji Mansoor Tongo, one of the community leaders who spoke during Bennani’s stop in Kerry, a village in the Tongo LGA, said his people would vote for Bennani in view of the services she rendered to her people when she was a member of the House of Representatives and now as a Senator.

“We know that you have empowered your people and provided them with social amenities since you were a member of the National Assembly, so you can be sure that we will vote for you,” Mansour Tongo told Benani.

Bennani begins her election campaign with a renewed appeal for women

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