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Benue: FG’s involvement in sponsor attacks has been my pain since 2015 – Ortom

Benue State Gov. Samuel Ortom has accused the federal government of complicity in herdsman attacks on state citizens, saying the brutal killings have been his pain since 2015.

He made the accusation on Sunday, when he paid a visit to the victims of recent herdsman attacks in the Abagena internally displaced persons camp.

Some of the hospitalized victims are receiving treatment at Benue State University Teaching Hospital (BSUTH), Makurdi.

The Daily Post reports that the suspected herdsmen staged an attack on the camp last Friday, killing and wounding some of the victims.

Among those consoled by the governor was an elderly woman named Esther Nome, who had been wounded by a gunshot wound to the waist; 14-year-old Emberga Okpor’s hand was cut off and Terna Ekiyan was also shot in the abdomen.

Others included 14-year-old Koagvi Terkembe, whose ear was cut off while Agbar Ekeom, Regina Gebashawar and Eunice Ewa sustained various degrees of injuries.

“This has been my pain,” Ortom said, lamenting the situation. “Since 2015, I have been crying out loud, insisting that the federal government is complicit in terrorism cases, provoking Fulani in Niger from Fouta Djallon (Senegal), Cameroon, Mauritania, Libya and parts other than the world, to come to Nigeria and take it and make it their country.

“My biggest pain is that these people have made no secret of their intentions and they are known. The federal government is protecting them.”

I have called for the arrest of the leadership of Maitiullah Kawtal Hoor several times. I wrote to the Presidency. I wrote to the DSS, I wrote to the police, and yet they are adamant. It is not that these people are unknown, they are known.”

According to the governor, once the federal government decides to put an end to these acts of terrorism against our people, that will be the case. But for now, they are complicit. They are working with them to press for taking over this country and making this country a Fulani nation.

Benue: FG’s involvement in sponsor attacks has been my pain since 2015 – Ortom

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