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Blowout: The Rivers community blames the multinational oil companies

Youths in the community of Rumikpee, Emuhua Local Government Area in Rivers State have accused multinational corporations operating in the community of being responsible for the blast that killed several people.

The head of the Rumikby Youth Elites, Maxwell Agala, said that despite numerous letters and petitions that had been sent to the oil companies, they had refused to deal with the petitions.

Agala said that their refusal to take necessary action led to an increase in artisanal refinery activities in the community.

Speaking during what appeared to be a protest within the community on Friday, Agala accused the security services of being complicit with some individuals who are engaging in illegal refining of crude oil, which he described as a tragedy.

Rumikbe Youth President called on President Muhammadu Buhari, President-elect, Paula Tinubu and Governor of Rivers State, Nisom Waike to beat MNCs to ensure the safety of lives and property of the host community.

On his part, Rumikbe Youth Vice President Ohorchukwu Ochikwu alleged that multinational oil companies in their community had failed to comply with their corporate social responsibilities.

He also accused the government at all levels of marginalizing the people of Rumukpe, despite it being the host community for many multinational oil companies.

Uchiku complained that the government denied people basic social amenities, a measure he said was responsible for the continued refining of crude oil by young people in the area.

“So far, nothing has been done for the Rumuekpe community. We live in anguish. Nothing good comes out of the companies. The companies have denied us employment.

“Imagine that in the land of Rumuekpe where we have resources like that – we have Shell, we have total E&P, we have NDPR, we have many graduates from different fields of study, none of the young people are employed.

When we try to make a move, the company will send its soldiers to follow us. That is why the young men decided to take the bull by the horn by engaging in illegal bunkers.

He said, “Let them come to our aid and see how they can rectify this problem.”

The Post daily reported that family members of the victims were unable to identify the bodies of their relatives.

Blowout: The Rivers community blames the multinational oil companies

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