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BREAKING: Aviation workers suspend strike hours after an international flight was grounded at Lagos airport

Aviation workers suspended their strike hours after stopping international flight operations at Murtala Muhammed International Airport on Monday.

Workers of the Nigerian Flight Handling Company, PLC, NAHCO have gone on strike to protest over salary increase and poor welfare despite a 100 per cent hike in airline fares.

In a popular video seen by the Daily Post on Monday, passengers are seen stranded and frustrated at Lagos airport.

However, the strike was suspended by the Association of Chief Air Transport Services Officers of Nigeria and the Association of Chief Air Transport Services Officers of Nigeria, ATSSSAN.

ATSSSAN Deputy Secretary General Frances Akinegül told the media on Monday.

“It has been put on hold, and[NAHCO]has agreed to begin negotiations on the salary issue with us,” he said.

Earlier in a statement in Lagos on Monday, Naco expressed regret over the incident and vowed to resolve the crisis.

Consider increasing workers’ salaries by at least 10% – the expert tells NAHCO

Responding to the development in a conversation with DAIlY POST on Monday, industry expert and executive secretary of the Aviation Roundtable, ART, Group Cpt John Oijkutu, called on the NCAA to intervene in the crisis before it gets any worse.

He explained that staff salary increases would have been part of the consideration when Air Nigeria, AON, raised airfares by more than 100 per cent.

Ojikoku said that at least 10 percent of the fare increase of more than 100 percent should be allocated to increasing staff salaries.

He stated that the National Civil Aviation Authority should use its oversight function to mitigate the crisis which tends to cripple the Nigerian aviation industry and the country’s economy.

However, I have said that such issues should not be brought to the station but rather to the management; here, NAHCO must address this issue.
“Airlines must let the public know this is the problem, and the National Civil Aviation Authority must speak up.

“We are making a mockery of ourselves to the global community. The NCAA should go out and exercise its oversight function. This is not the business that Nigeria’s legislators should call it; it is not the job of the National Assembly to intervene in such a deficient issue; it is the job of the NCAA.”

When the tariff increases, there must be an increase in employee welfare as well. These are things that the NCAA must take into account.

“I would expect the NCAA to raise the issue of salaries for employees, but they haven’t. The NCAA has to come and solve the problem because international airlines are affected; you can imagine the implications for foreign earnings from the aviation sector.

“If airline ticket prices increase to more than 100%, what about the salary of your employees? Everything about aviation is global. If you have collected 100% of the tickets, at least 10% should be allocated to workers’ salaries.”

BREAKING: Aviation workers suspend strike hours after an international flight was grounded at Lagos airport

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