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BREAKING: Presidency releases details of refunds to Niger Delta: Akwa Ibom, Delta get largest share

Amid growing discontent in the Niger Delta that some government officials have misused oil-derived refunds in the region, the presidency released more details about oil-derived refunds to states on Friday.

Details provided by the presidency show that Akwa Ibom and Delta received the largest refunds from the federal government.

Presidential spokesperson Garba Shekhu revealed this in a statement on Friday made available to the Daily Post.

Sheikho revealed that the nine oil-producing states obtained a total of 625.43 billion Nun 13 percent of oil derivatives, subsidies and refunds from the union account between 2021 and 2022.

He said the recovery date was from 1999 to 2021.

Remember, Rivers State Governor Nisom Weik praised President Muhammadu Buhari for releasing 13 percent of oil derivatives to the Niger Delta states.

Wike also said he has spent the money on multi-billion dollar projects in his state, challenging colleagues to explain how they use their projects.

After the Wike revelations, many Nigerians have raised questions about how governors of oil-producing states use money in their states.

Part of the statement read: “According to figures, under the 13 per cent Derivative Fund on withdrawal from ECA without deducting derivatives from 2004 to 2019, Abia State received N4.8 billion N2.8 billion N2.8 billion, Akwa- Ibom took out N128 billion with a receivable of N77 billion, and Bayelsa with N92.2bn, leaving a receivable of N55 billion.

Cross River received a refund of N1.3 billion, with a balance of N792 million, Delta state received N110 billion, leaving a balance of N66.2 billion, Edo state received N11.3billion, with a balance of N6.8billion, Imo state, N5.5 billion, with an outstanding amount of N3.3 billion, Ondo State, N19.4 billion with a receivable of N11.7 billion while Rivers State was paid N103.6 billion, with a receivable balance of N62.3 billion.”

The statement indicated that the countries had also paid in eight installments between October and January 2022.

“Under this category, Abia State received N1.1 billion, Akwa-Ibom, N15 billion, Bayelsa, N11.6 billion, Cross River, N432 million, Delta State, N14.8 billion, Edo State, N2.2 billion, Imo State, N2 9 billion, Ondo State, N3.7 billion, and Rivers State, N12.8 billion,” he said.

BREAKING: Presidency releases details of refunds to Niger Delta: Akwa Ibom, Delta get largest share

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