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Bukhari receives the commander of the new guard brigade

Today, Friday, President Muhammadu Buhari received the commander of the new brigade of the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier General Omar.

Omar takes over from Brigadier General Muhammad Othman, who was transferred two weeks ago.

The Nigerian Army on January 7 redeployed senior officers for “administrative and operational efficiency”.

The Presidential Guard Brigade is an elite army unit responsible for protecting the President.

Members guard the chief’s house and guests and perform ceremonial duties.

Some soldiers associated with the group were ambushed on 24 July along the Kubwa-Bwari road in Abuja.

Terrorists attempting to invade Nigerian Law School ambush Bukhari’s guard in Abuja

Their intervention thwarted the terrorists’ attempt to break into the Nigerian Law College and Veritas University, both in Bwari.

Bukhari receives the commander of the new guard brigade

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