Comedian Sheik Ou plans to remarry eight years after his ex-wife died in childbirth.

David Ogochukwu, better known as Elder O, met a famous comedian based in Lagos, fell in love again and plans to marry again eight years after his wife’s death.

According to reports, comedian Elder O will be walking down the aisle with an amazing girl named Chiamaka Ukeje from Akpulu in Imo State.

Sheikh “O” lost his beloved wife in childbirth a few months after their marriage.

Elder O, the comedian, married his late wife, Khairy Udemylam, on February 1, 2014, and sadly buried her on December 30, 2014, after her death during the birth of their first child.

The Hilarious Man, whose annual Comic Relief show is scheduled for November 25, has so far kept its promise to wait 5 years before marrying again.

“He stayed for eight years before he remarried in order to provide for his son’s needs.” It wasn’t easy, but he did everything he could. According to a close source, his wedding has been scheduled for January.

The comedian wrote the sheikh or some shocking revelations about his wife’s life before her death and why he hung the pictures while she was buried, as well as lessons for other married couples to take home.

“It’s last Thursday and I’m taking everything back to 2014… one should be coming here to post messages of condolence, it’s been 5 years since I went to be with the Lord and baby Nakim is already resting in peace,” I said I would mourn her for Five years before moving on, but today I simply want to celebrate it and give some advice.” The lengthy story reads.

Comedian Elder O continued: “Her death came as a surprise to me, but believe me, we had a loving marriage in those nine months that our union lasted…not how long but then a good one.”

We shared so many beautiful memories, and she was a wonderful person. At some point, she even started acting and acting like me.

Comedian Sheik Ou plans to remarry eight years after his ex-wife died in childbirth.

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