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Conference Speakers salutes the late Ekiti Afoye Association spokesperson

President of the Assembly of Heads of State Legislatures of Nigeria, Your Honor. The late Speaker of the House of Representatives, Abu Bakr Suleiman, the Ekiti State House Nawab, described the hon. Funminiyi Afuye as a prominent legislator and a person with a full awareness of the law of legislation.

Speakers in the Houses of Representatives in Plateau and Taraba states, Yakubu Sanda and Joseph Alpaso Cuneni, respectively, spoke glowingly about the late MP, who they said left indelible fingerprints in the country’s legislative process.

In the same way, the Governor of Ekiti State, Byodon Oibangi, described Afoi as an authentic legal personality and a seasoned legislator who exemplifies ingenuity and strong character in his disposal of cases.

They spoke their condolences on the assembly floor during a special farewell session to commemorate Afoye’s burial procession, on Thursday.

Afoi, who died of a heart attack, will be buried at his country house in Ikiri Ekiti on Friday.

Until his death he was Speaker of the House and Representative representing Ikiri Constituency 1.

Suleiman added in his presentation that Ekiti will forever miss the sense of industry and passion for development shown by the late legislator.

He described the late speaker as an exceptional legislator whose deep knowledge and experience had positively influenced the conduct of activities in the Forum.

Solomon said, “The perfect life he lived comforts us and we are sure that he is resting in the bosom of the Lord.”

In his condolence letter, Ubangi explained that Ekiti would miss Afuye’s dedication to work, life of service, and personal toughness, for his stewardship of a creative and grudge-free gathering.

Also, former Governor Kayud Fayemi, in a separate letter of condolence, described Avoy as “the exemplary college of cherished omulwabi ethics for Yoruba whose nobility exceeds public inheritance”.

He explained that the late speaker played a pivotal role during the Sixth Assembly in ensuring that the thirteen members of the then ACN remained on the right track.

“As president of the Eighth Assembly, he provided leadership to the Assembly to ensure the success of his administration,” he stated.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honorable Hakim Jamio, speaking on behalf of his colleagues, said the council will forever remember Afoye for his contributions to the development of legislation in Ekiti.

Jamio said that Afuye carved a niche for himself by standing firmly in the promotion of good governance in the state, and by supporting the passing of laws that would improve the welfare of the population.

Conference Speakers salutes the late Ekiti Afoye Association spokesperson

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