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Consensus Party presidential candidate Chris Immoulin selected as Education Teacher of the Year

Professor Christopher Immoulin, the Consensus Party’s presidential candidate in next year’s general election, has been awarded the title of Education Specialist for 2022.

The academic, renowned for his endorsement of learning, emerged as the winner in the Education category at a gala held at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

Organized annually since 2019 by Top Media, Igbere TV and endorsed by the African Union and the African Film Institute, the Excellence in Leadership Awards honor well-deserved Nigerians who have demonstrated leadership in their field.

Imumolen has been recognized for his exemplary achievements in initiating models aimed at raising the standard of education in Nigeria, as well as his commitment to helping disadvantaged, less privileged students through the school through scholarships.

In his remarks, the AP’s presidential flag bearer accused the organizers of not deviating from the core values ​​that the awards represent.

“I would like to thank Igbere TV and everyone involved for making this such a glorious event to appreciate my small contributions to the development of our community.

“Awards like this carry a message with them. This is in order to do more than we already do in the field of positively impacting the human race in the best possible way.

“I have been a social entrepreneur almost my entire adult life. It was the burning desire to be an agent of social change that drove me into politics in the first place.

“My thinking was, and still is, that I would be able to do more, using the medium of the public office to get to improve the lives of millions of Nigerians than I could, using my personal money.

“My belief that education is the only tool for human empowerment and development inspired my scholarship scheme which has so far seen the benefit of no less than 500,000 Nigerians.

Politically or not politically, we will ensure that more Nigerians benefit from the program in the coming months.

“To the organizers of this event, I can only urge you to continue the good work and to avoid deviating from the core values ​​that originally gave birth to this vision,” said Immoulin.

Consensus Party presidential candidate Chris Immoulin selected as Education Teacher of the Year

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