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Consideration of the cases raised against the polls on February 25 – accusations of the Independent Electoral Commission Lawan

The Speaker of the Senate, Dr Ahmed Lawan, on Thursday asked the Independent National Election Commission, INEC, to look into all the issues raised by the public during the just-concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections for a smooth running of the upcoming House of Governors and House of Representatives. elections.

The electoral provision set March 11, 2023 for the governors and state House of Representatives elections after the presidential and National Assembly elections are held on February 25.

Lawan, who spoke while announcing the suspension of plenary session until March 14 to enable senators to participate in campaigning and elections, said: “I think the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should look into issues raised by the public. The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) should be strictly guided the Constitution, the election law, and their guidelines and regulations.”

He further said, “Nigerians should support the Independent Electoral Commission in any way possible so that the Governors and State Elections can be conducted successfully.

This is because this is what we all expect and this is what we need as a democracy. We will get out of this place in the next two weeks and come back and continue our legislative duties.”

Thanking the senators for “making every effort to make this ninth House a success,” he said, “We’re done with this legislative week. The idea of ​​convening right after the presidential election and the National Assembly election was to make sure we were on top of the whole situation that happened during the election and is happening.” now.

“This is so that we remain an integral part of the solution when necessary and we have achieved that and also in the process we have undertaken other legislative work.”

While announcing the postponement, the Senate President informed that seven sitting senators were running in the gubernatorial election.

Among the contenders for the APC platform are Senate Vice-President Owe Omo Ageji (Delta), Aishatou Benani (Adamawa), Oba Sani (Kaduna), Emmanuel Buacha (Taraba) and Tislem Folarin (Oyo). The others are Halliru Jica of the New Nigerian People’s Party, the NNPP and Sandy Onur of the HDP, who are respectively candidates in Bauchi and Cross River states.

“We wish all of our fellow competitors and those of us who are not running would all go out and be involved in the operations because we would be able to observe firsthand some of the issues that might arise.

“During the presidential elections and the National Assembly in general, everything went well,” said the Senate President, “but we still had one or two complaints from the public.”

Consideration of the cases raised against the polls on February 25 – accusations of the Independent Electoral Commission Lawan

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