Daniel Cobblebock’s Greenland: Does he live as a woman in Greenland? F

Daniel Küblböck’s Grönland Update: 4 years ago, the news of Daniel Küblböck’s disappearance shocked his fans. Many people have given up hope after searching so much for Daniel Cobblebock. But his family and fans were hoping to see Daniel Cobblebock again. And now there is a sign that he might be living as a woman in Greenland?

One photo raised questions among fans about Daniel Cobblebock’s presence in Groenland

One of the pictures came from Greenland and it is not an ordinary picture. In the photo, the brown-haired woman, down jacket and denim skirt resemble Daniel Cobblebuck’s look. Fans are pretty sure that the person who lives in Groenland is Daniel Cobblebock.

When Daniel Cobblebock disappeared, his former friend Robin Gasser also confirmed, saying, “I can imagine him living somewhere as a woman, anyway, that’s a very realistic approach, because that’s what he wished for.”

Even his former assistant wanted him to announce his death. But Daniel’s family has always opposed his assistant declaring his death. Even after he was declared dead by a court, his family and fans never believed he was actually dead. Perhaps they were aware of his son’s choices to live a happy life as a woman in Greenland?

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