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Deal with insecurities in Anambra or quit – from Horiwa to Solodo

Human rights advocacy group the Nigerian Human Rights Writers Association (Horiwa) on Saturday criticized Anambra State Governor Chukuma Solodo for failing to stop the unprecedented attacks; Rape, murder and kidnapping in the state since he assumed power in May 2022.

Horewa also asked Imo State Governor Hope Ozudenma to kill the idea of ​​engaging in academic discussions with the political opposition about the deeply painful insecurity in Imo State and find a practical solution to the countless violent attacks.

The human rights organization has also urged the governor Ozudenma to request the establishment of military outposts in the terror axis around Akukwa Ama Edward and Arundizugu where several attacks have taken place in the past few days.

HURIWA hereby appeals to the Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant-General Farouk Yahya to order the General Officer Commanding the 82nd Division to establish military posts at Akkowa Ama Edward and Arundizugu to stop the repeated violent attacks which have been left to become a daily routine. As the rights group said, locating the army and mobile police in Akkowa Ama Edward and Arundizugu will help verify daring attacks that led to property destruction and mass killings.

Hariwa’s national coordinator, Emmanuel Onubiko, said in a statement that it was extremely unfortunate that Soludo had not fulfilled any of his electoral promises on security during his seven months in office despite his boasts that he would deliver them within 100 days in power.

Even more reprehensible, the group said, was the fact that Solodu was playing politics on national television rather than settling down to work alongside the security services to bring peace and stability to the country.

Therefore, Horiwa told Solodo to fly over and stop these waves of insecurity or step down to allow a more competent ruler to emerge.

The group’s statement comes hours after at least 17 students from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, sustained varying degrees of injuries while an unconfirmed number of female students were raped during a midnight robbery at an off-campus hostel located along Ivet Road in Oka. , the state capital.

The thieves, heavily armed with guns, axes and mattresses, reportedly went from room to room, hostel to hostel, raping female students and robbing them of their phones, iPads, money and other valuables unchallenged.

Life is no longer safe in the state as kidnappings, invasion of farmland and killings by militants have become the norm despite Solodu’s false assurances that security challenges in the state have eased.

Onwubiko of HURIWA said: “Rape, cult killings, banditry and outright terrorism are rampant in Anambra but Governor Chukwuma Soludo is busy playing election politics and positioning himself as a potential presidential candidate in the near future, effectively undermining the chances of Peter Obi and South East in next month’s elections.”

“It is inconceivable that students were raped in Oka near the seat of power, but every day Soludo appears on national television, playing politics and giving the false impression that security challenges have subsided in the country. It is better if Soludo stops these waves of insecurity or steps down to allow a ruler appear more efficient.”

Horewa also urged the opposition Imo State People’s Democratic Party to partner with the Imo State administration in finding permanent solutions to the growing insecurity because if the violence continues, the chances of any successful elections in the state are remote and thus the opposition wins. They do not have the opportunity to obtain a mandate from the people.

“What is at stake in Imo state is the survival of the state and the well-being of the citizens. It is appalling that so many attacks have taken place around a certain place in Akokwa Ama Edward and Arundizugu for two weeks straight but the administration of Imo state has no solution to it but has gone ahead to resolve petty quarrels with Opposition People’s Democratic Party.

The lives of the residents of Idiatu North, Onwemo and Okigwe LGUs are under increasing threats, but all we hear is bunk and verbal exchanges in the media between the APC and the PDP in Imo State. This is disappointing and shocking.

The Imo State Government needs to wake up from its slumber and convince the Army to establish a physical presence in Akokwa Ama Edward and Arundizugu for security purposes and not for extortion and these exercises must be well funded by the Government because the primary duty of the Government is to ensure the security of the lives and property of the citizens.”

Deal with insecurities in Anambra or quit – from Horiwa to Solodo

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