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Do not abuse your position, trust is in you – Oyo Government warns Education Trustees

The Oyo State government has warned the education secretaries of 33 local government areas in the state not to abuse the position and give confidence to them.

The state government made the disclosures during the inauguration of education trustees in the state’s 33 local government areas on Friday.

Oyo State Board of Universal Basic Education Chairman, OYOSUBEB, Dr Nureni Aderemi Adeniran made the remarks on behalf of the state government.

Adiniran, while speaking, appealed to the Education Trustees to improve the quality of education in their districts. He said this was necessary to reduce the number of out-of-school children.

And Adiniran, as he spoke further, warned that there would be penalties for any form of violation.

He said the state’s comprehensive basic education board has laid a strong and solid foundation for the new education trustees in the areas of developing infrastructure and raising the workforce for both faculty and non-teaching staff.

He added that the council raised the standard of the learning process for both formal and informal learners, the welfare and training of teachers and ensured the well-organized management of primary schools.

Assigning the new Education Trustees to work hard in their various jurisdictions, Adinran said: “You will be expected to be very careful when making decisions and always seek permission and advice from the board on gray areas in order to avoid embarrassment and potentially costly mistakes while running your office.” .

“It is my earnest prayer that you will succeed in all your undertakings and endeavors during your tenure as Secretary of Education in your various jurisdictions.

“You, as Education Trustees, are now well placed to build on the existing foundation and even add value where necessary. With you, a new era of primary school administration and leadership has begun, once again.”

He also stated, “In addition, you will be expected to work diligently within your jurisdiction to complement the efforts of the State Board of Universal Basic Education in particular and the Commission on Universal Basic Education in general.”

Do not abuse your position, trust is in you – Oyo Government warns Education Trustees

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