“Do you know how many people I pay rent for?” – Ashmusy slams critics and insists she spends more than N2 Million per day

Nigerian comic maker and brand influencer Amarachi Amusi better known as Ashmusy has continued to claim that she actually spends no less than N2m per day, mostly on bills. Remember, Kemi Filani News has reported the influencer outcry of spending a huge amount of money on bills per day earlier via her Instagram stories. In turn, she was exposed to reality TV star, Tboss, who claimed that she lied and was only trying to appear on social media.

Ashmusy has now answered it. In a lengthy blog post, she called tapos lame. She further explained how she has many dependents. Following up on her earlier claims, Ashmoussi bragged that she pays people’s rent and also pays school fees for students she is currently training at the university. She wrote in a lengthy post: “By the way…some people are lame. Sorry!! Did you know that there are some of us that families depend on? Do you know people that I’m training for a private university??

Do you know how many people I pay rent for? nkor business bills! I have 7 delivery orders for my every day 3 Dey every week we buy a new one…should I keep counting??? “Truther”, say in a fake life…1 Tell Una to say 2m Na per day to the designers I buy? How many designers do not see my post here?? You and you don’t know me, you only know my Instagram and my videos… my 2m love is now like 2k for this naija oh.. the price of everything is now high asf! Some people spend much more than that daily. Some low spirits can’t connect! I post yesterday sef as a cruise but e say some people it doesn’t make sense!

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