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Edo Train Attack: Sign Hunters and Forestry Bill into law – Metchie tells Bukhari

Johnny Chukodi Michie, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Hunters and Forestry Security Service (NHFSS) in charge of Technical Services, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sign the Hunters and Forestry Security Service Bill into law.

He said the bill is a sure way to deter terrorists and other criminal elements from using the forests to commit atrocities against the people of Nigeria.

Recall that, on Saturday, suspected terrorists attacked a train station in Igoben Local Government Area of ​​Edo State to Warri in Delta State and kidnapped dozens of passengers who were waiting to board the train, injuring several.

Responding to Monday’s incident, Michie told reporters that it had become urgent for President Buhari to sign the bill that would enable rangers to shoulder, arm and protect plantations and forests as they do in many other countries.

One of the most effective ways to reduce the threat of bandits and other terrorist activities, he said, is to recruit, arm and empower young men and women as hunters and forest rangers, making it more difficult for criminals to operate from the forests.

Michie noted that when the bill is signed into law, the Hunters and Forestry Security Service will take over and protect forests across the country.

According to him, one of the greatest gifts that President Buhari will leave to his successor is to sign the bill into law, as this will make it easier for the new administration to combat insecurity.

He said – “The incident that occurred in Edo City last Saturday, where several passengers who were waiting to board the train were assaulted and kidnapped, is very unfortunate and regrettable.

“While I condemn the dastardly act and sympathize with the victims and their families, I would like to take this opportunity to call on President Muhammadu Buhari, as a matter of urgency, to sign the Hunters and Forestry Security Service Bill into law. The bill is before Mr. President awaiting his tone.

I have lived in many countries, including those in Europe, the United States, Canada, and more. In these countries, even in South Africa, forests are protected by forest rangers and hunters. This greatly helps in curbing the activities of criminals, especially those who use forests as hideouts to carry out nefarious activities.

When bandits and other terrorists strike, where do they take their victims? It’s forests and farms. They take their victims into the woods because they know there are no licensed security personnel there. When the bill is passed into law, it will empower hunters and rangers to take up arms, and motivate them to work and defend their country, knowing they have the support of the government.

I believe President Buhari is a patriot and a statesman. I want to think and believe that the president wants to leave a lasting legacy for his predecessor. So he should save the incoming administration the burden of sending the bill to lawmakers by signing it into law himself without wasting any more time.”

“There are two other areas for the bill to be signed into law that would benefit the country are food security and employment. Today, food prices are on rooftops. The reason is that insecurity has forced many farmers out of the bush.

The presence of armed forest guards will assure farmers that their farms and produce are safe. Additionally, with the bill signed into law, state governments will have the drive to recruit thousands of young men into service which will significantly reduce unemployment with the dual effect of reducing the number of people who get involved in crime,” Michie added.

Edo Train Attack: Sign Hunters and Forestry Bill into law – Metchie tells Bukhari

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