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Eight Nigerian-Americans win the US midterm elections

Eight Nigerian American politicians won legislative positions in the United States midterm elections.

won seats in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia (DC)

The Nigerian American Public Affairs Commission (NAPAC) has released the list of winners and their offices.

Georgia State Representative Gabe Okoye won, District 102; Segun Adina won the Georgia State Representative, District 110.

Tish Naghise won Georgia State Representative, District 68; Phil Olali is the state representative of Georgia in District 59.

Carol Kazim is the Representative of Pennsylvania, District 159; Ui Oliwa, US House of Representatives (Shadow Representative) in Washington, DC

Solomon Adesanya, now the state representative of Georgia in District 43; Esther Agbaje was re-elected as Minnesota’s representative in District 59B.

The federal government congratulated the politicians on their successes

AMP. Lotte Igobiga, Nigeria’s consul general in New York, said the victory showed Nigerians’ determination to stay everywhere.

“We are not surprised. We are happy, and we are happy to win,” he told NAN.

The envoy advised others aspiring to run for office not to give up their ambition.

Eight Nigerian-Americans win US midterm elections

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