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Ekiti: Uibangi serves as new commissioners and special advisors

Yesterday, the newly appointed Commissioners and Special Advisers were sworn in by the Governor of Ekiti State, Hon Biodun Uybangi.
Uibangi also appealed to the members of the All Progressives Congress in Ekiti to consistently promote the party’s presidential candidate, Asiwago Bola Ahmed Tinubu, so that he can win the 2023 elections.

The new appointees and their governors are Mr. Akintunde Oyebode, Commissioner for Finance; and Mr. Uybangi-Vilani, Commissioner for Health.

The Special Advisers are: Mr. Nii Adebayo, Budget, Economic Planning and Performance Management; Ms. Tayo Adeola, Investment, Trade and Industry; Mr. Ebenezer Bouluad, Agriculture and Food Security

Others include Dr. Kofuorola Aderiye, Education, Science and Technology. Principal Dread, Political and Party Affairs; Office of Engineer Tope Ogunleye for Special Projects; Mr. Seun Fakuade, Governance, Reforms, and Innovation and Mr. Oyebode, Media and Strategy/CPS.

Uibangi, who spoke in Ado Ekiti at the swearing-in ceremony, explained that the fact that the new appointees are mostly technocrats and apolitical individuals does not imply that the political class will be left out in the scheme of things.

He said he was keen on the fact that he needed to make up those who would not be distracted by politics in his government, saying that this informs why he hired technocrats to act as the drivers of his government.

He said: “Let me state that you have been carefully selected to be part of our team on our journey to Ekiti Prosperity because of my continued confidence in your ability and competence. You all come from proven strains of professional acumen, intelligence and personal achievement.

The primary consideration for your invitation to serve is a compelling resume of your excellence in character, career attainment, experience and competence.

“As far as I am concerned, appointment should be obtained on scores of aptitude, character, and creativity, and on these, you have presented yourselves well. I personally admire your life’s achievements, but more importantly the fact that we share the same dream and enthusiasm about a prosperous country.”

Political leadership in our climate comes with its own inherent burden and contradictions that you must quickly understand. As high-ranking civil servants, you are expected to come under intense pressure, however, you need to develop a positive mindset to manage expectations with compassion, firmness, magnanimity, and the fear of God.

“When you take up your position today, you will be expected to bring your wealth of experience and leverage your competencies to meet the expectations of our people.

I am not oblivious to the fact that there are concerns about forming these appointments. I want to go on record that I stand by my campaign promise that party leaders will play a critical role in timely appointments to political office.

On the 2023 ballot, Uybangi said: “As we begin an election campaign to select the next president of our dear country, I appeal to all political parties to strictly adhere to campaign rules and regulations by ensuring that campaigns are issue-based and free of violence and malice.

“For us in the All Progressive Congress (APC), we will continue marketing our candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Ekiti voters until we achieve victory.”

Ekiti: Uibangi serves as new commissioners and special advisors

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