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El Rifai, Ganduje put the others on a watch list – Ohanaeze youths to the DSS, the police

The Apex Igbo social and cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide Youth Council, called some of the statements made by Kaduna State Governor Nasir Al-Rifai during his Thursday broadcast as treachery.

The Daily Post reported that the governor said, while misquoting President Muhammadu Buhari’s patriotic broadcast, that some people were planning a military takeover.

He had claimed that the liquidity crunch coupled with the current fuel shortage since September 2022 had been planned so that the 2023 elections would not take place at all, leading to an interim national government led by a retired army general.

Kano State Governor Omar Ganduji also earlier made a similar statement, alleging a plot to destroy democracy in the country.

Ohanaiz Youth National President Mazie Oku Nabuike said in a statement on Friday that El Refai and Gandogi should be called in for questioning.

Oko, who said there was something sinister up the sleeves of the referees, wondered when they suddenly became the fans’ defenders.

He said: “We are troubled by the kind of talk that comes from the mouths of people who pretend to be leaders.

“In Kaduna State, where Rifai is the governor, thousands of people have been killed in cold blood in the past seven years, but he never thought it appropriate to address the people of the state.

Nigerian students have been on strike for one calendar year but we have never heard the voice of the conservatives.

“Suddenly, they are awakened from their slumber, with a predetermined goal to set the nation on fire.”

“We call upon the Nigerian youth not to be fooled by these men who are organizing against the nation. They are inciting the youth to occupy the streets to fulfill their plan of interrupting the electoral process. The Nigerian youth must resist this temptation. El Rifai, Ganduji and their comrades do not mean good to the masses.

We strongly support the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Government in this policy. We have evaluated the options and are convinced that they will be of great benefit to the fans in the long term.

Vote buying has been the curse of elections in Nigeria and this new policy will recklessly tackle it.

From a CBN report, more than a trillion naira is still in the hands of the people. Who are these people? What are they doing with this money at home while the masses are dying of hunger?

“Having said that, we appeal to the State Security Department and the police to invite these men for interrogation; regardless of their immunity, they should provide explanations to the security services. The DSS party should also closely monitor their movements because it is clear that they do not mean anything good for the nation,” added Okwu.

El Rifai, Ganduje put the others on a watch list – Ohanaeze youths to the DSS, the police

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