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Election 2023: Pat Otome denounces politicians and state government intolerance

On Friday in Lagos, Professor Pat Otome raised the alarm about the weeks of increasing rudeness and intolerance leading up to the 2023 general election.

The organizer of BIG-TENT, a coalition of political parties, social movements and civil society organizations of Peter Obi Baba Ahmed Dati, addressed a press conference.

Nigerian democracy faces a threat, the economist said, accusing some state governments of depriving opposition parties of using public facilities.

Nunn quoted him as saying: “The experience of many participants in the current elections indicates a significant level of breakdown of civility, increasing fascism and polarization in the country by politicians.”

Otome pointed out that the analyzes conducted by scholars and opinion pollsters show a continued decline in confidence in the democratic system in Nigeria.

He said the trend may be reversing due to the agitation of the Obidient movement, which has caused in part the nearly 13 million new voters.

The former presidential candidate condemned situations in which some government agencies used public funds to suppress the opposition and its supporters.

Otome cited intimidation of landlords, religious centers, and traditional institutions into allowing some candidates to use the facilities for meetings and rallies.

“There has been a sharp decline in urbanization on the part of many politicians as Nigeria can be pushed into a class war which can destabilize our sub-region and drive us into chaos.”

The expert called for concerted action against this, urging citizens and organizations of good will to speak out against the “frightening threat of bigotry”.

The former director of the Lagos Business School (LBS) has tasked voters with voting out parties that intimidate opponents and prevent democracy from working.

Election 2023: Pat Otome denounces politicians and state government intolerance

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