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ELECTION RESULTS: Nigerians’ Independent National Electoral Commission fails, aggrieved parties must go to court – Ahmed Gumi

Controversial Islamic cleric, Ahmad Gomi, has criticized the Independent National Election Commission, allegedly for failing to follow proper procedures in conducting the just concluded presidential elections.

The Post daily reported that there was a series of protests across the country after Paula Tinubu of the Progressive Congress, APC, was declared the winner of last Saturday’s ballot.

The Labor Party and the main opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) vowed to contest the results, claiming that the ruling party endangered the Electoral College.

According to the aggrieved party, the Independent National Electoral Commission violated the new election law by not uploading the results prior to aggregation.

Responding to the controversy, Gomi, in a statement posted Thursday on his official Facebook page, demanded that the aggrieved parties seek redress in court.

But he cautioned against violent protest, citing the country’s challenges and the fact that the political system is already strained.

The statement read: “I appeal to the opposition parties as an obligatory national duty to go to the election court and to the Supreme Court to re-establish the rule of law and teach our younger generation the value of resolving disputes through legal means rather than violence.”

“The political system is already very tense, and any government that lacks credibility cannot suppress the people, especially at this worrying time when every region is arming rebel groups ready to exploit political instability to further their rebellion.

“Let the whole litigation process run its course. It is of great importance to our national health.

The Independent National Electoral Commission has failed the nation by sowing more mistrust and suspicion as it failed to follow its own guidelines in conducting last week’s elections.

Fortunately, this is the first step in the pursuit of legality. So the injured parties have to go to court.

We sincerely hope that this time the courts will prove their worth and uphold the truth. It is the last hope Nigerians can turn to, otherwise it will lead to chaos that no other power can contain as the nation is already polarized along religious and tribal fault lines.

“Nigeria is our only country; we have to save it from calamity by working with courage and honesty and free from political hypocrisy that requires putting thorny issues under the rug.

May God protect us from every calamity, and grant peace and tranquility to this nation. Amen “.

ELECTION RESULTS: Nigerians’ Independent National Electoral Commission fails, aggrieved parties must go to court – Ahmed Gumi

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