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Elections 2023: We will not sit on the fence – the African Church declares

The youth of the African Church of Akwa Ibom State branch have announced their decision to actively participate in the election of credible leaders in the forthcoming upcoming elections.

They added that they would no longer sit on the fence and would allow the infidels to install people of violent and questionable character who could take the state back to the days of terror and politically motivated killing.

Speaking at the church’s New Year’s festive assembly, the county youth president, Prince Inobong Oku, mentioned how a church member was killed inside the church during the previous administration and accused the members of taking their fate into their own hands by voting out any candidate who preached peace and was known to be God-fearing.

In his words, “The Church cannot afford to return to an age of intimidation and terror. Consistent with the season placing upon us the responsibility of facilitating good governance through our participation in political activities, I charge all young people and the Church as a whole to join the stream and not sit on the fence.

“In the previous administration, a member of the African Church was horrifically murdered in the church. Against this background, we unanimously declare that the Church does not want to return to those dark days of politically motivated killings. Therefore, the youth of the African Church decided to support the ruler’s succession plan in order to The peace we currently enjoy is to be sustainable.

“The biggest blessing that God has given Akwa Ibom Church is peace, and we will protect it by all means.”

In his sermon, the former head of the church, Rev. Emmanuel Odovia, urged Christians, especially those working in politics, not to be discouraged by criticism and attacks saying that when a Christian is in God’s plan to save humanity, he will face persecution. He also encountered the apostles of Christ.

He said: If you make yourself available to serve people, and prepare to face persecution, and prepare to face obstacles but put this in the back of your mind, if you are in God’s plans, you will surely come out. victorious. Anyone who is on the right path to fulfilling God’s purpose is bound to encounter opposition.”

In his remarks, one of the gubernatorial candidates in the state, Reverend Omo Inoue, urged people to obtain their own certifications and vote for a trusted candidate.

He noted that calculated attempts to distract him with frivolous claims coupled with the endorsement of the people of Akwa Ibom made him determined to win the elections and serve the state with all his heart and “righteous anger”.

Elections 2023: We will not sit on the fence – the African Church declares

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