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Elections: Governor Adelek instructs the people of Osun to hold a peaceful poll

Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke called on the people of the state to mobilize and spread peacefully to elect leaders of their choice in the general elections on Saturday.

In a pre-election statement he signed, Governor Adeleke described Saturday’s election as “a crucial milestone in Nigeria’s national democratic development as all eligible citizens must actively participate to decide the future of the nation.”

“Good people of Osun State, the general election is here, and we have a patriotic duty to actively join the electoral process. Your vote is your power and energy to secure good governance for yourselves and our future generation.

Our government has declared today a public holiday. All eligible voters should grab their ballots and prepare for the historic election tomorrow. The electoral authorities have provided a conducive environment for free and fair elections. The security services also moved to protect citizens while exercising their constitutional rights.

Adeleke, who revealed that he had instructed security chiefs in the state to arrest thugs wherever they are, warned against electoral violence.

The security services are under strict instructions to clamp down on bad guys and agents of violence. I also instructed the service leaders to arrest thugs wherever they are. These elections must be held in a peaceful atmosphere. He said democracy is about choice, not killing and maiming.

He also urged the people of Osun to maintain the state’s status as a peaceful one throughout this election period and beyond.

Elections: Governor Adelek instructs the people of Osun to hold a peaceful poll

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