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Elections: Voters exit polling units due to BVAS underperforming as some lawmakers vote

The chair of the Senate Judicial and Legal Affairs Committee, Obyemi Bamedel, commended the Independent National Electoral Commission for the peaceful conduct of the elections.

Bamidele gave the praise after casting his ballots in Ward B, Unit 003, Eyelori Complex, in Iyin-Ekiti alongside his wife,

The All Progressives Congress candidate in the central district of Ekiti for the senator who cast his ballots around 12:40 pm also commended the residents for their behavior in a peaceful manner.

“Let me first give God the glory that this election is taking place today, as you know this election is taking place against the backdrop of a lot of terrible challenges in our country, because of certain policies, particularly through CBN.

“We are happy that our people refused provocation and ultimately prevented the collapse of law and order because these are elections that could have ended in a crisis due to the challenges, but we are happy that the elections were held.”

“What I have gathered from the reports in the fields is that voter turnout has been impressive and INEC has been able to live up to expectations, and this is without prejudice to the initial challenges in some polling units including my own unit here where an hour and a half I ran into a BVAS machine issues but were eventually fixed.

“Voting is taking place without any issue and I hope that what we are witnessing here is also what is happening in other parts of the country that the election process is peaceful, free, fair, credible and at the end of the day, the votes will be counted.”

Bamidele expressed optimism about his chances of winning, saying “I look forward to a victorious outing for a renewed mandate to return to the Senate.”

All Progressives Congress (APC) House of Representatives candidate in Ekiti North Federal District 2, Akinlayo Kolawole, has expressed his displeasure over a malfunctioning BVAS in Unit 16,17 to conduct polling at his home, Ikosu-Ekiti.

However, Kolawole praised the voter turnout as very impressive but urged INEC to provide additional functional BVAS machines so that eligible voters would not be disenfranchised.

He urged the constituents in his constituency not to be discouraged by unexpected developments, asking them to stay calm and keep the peace.

In the same vein, the Senate candidate of the Progressive Congress Party (APC) in the northern district of Ekiti, Cyril Vasui, expressed his satisfaction with the polling saying from the information he got not long after the polling started, it turned out to be a win. comes his way.

The Senate candidate in the Senate, based on his goodwill and contributions to the development of his regions and the people alike, individually and collectively, said he would undoubtedly emerge victorious at the polls.

House candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) platform Otunba Babatunde Ajayi also said T-Kash his mandate is divine and described the INEEC’s conduct as “remarkable”.

He expressed optimism that his people would vote for him, and promised to ensure that the dividends of democracy would be provided to them if they were elected today.

Elections: Voters exit polling units due to BVAS underperforming as some lawmakers vote

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