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Ensure that the rule of law prevails over sentiment – urges the Adeleke Center for Human Rights

The Commission for the Defense of Human Rights (CDHR), Osun State chapter, tasked Governor Ademola Adeleke with ensuring that the rule of law trumps sentiment during his tenure.

The Centre, in a statement signed by the Head of State, Akinrenad Wahab, urged the governor to ensure that questionable figures are not appointed to his ministry.

“We at CDHR congratulate you on your inauguration as the sixth Executive Governor of Osun State because you have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you are ready for this daunting task ahead of your administration for the next four years.

“We acknowledge the composition of personalities that made up your transition committee. Our organization has placed the committee on probation to assess its behavior and its programs’ approach to issues, and we will, in the next two weeks, present our recommendation to your office.

“The formation of the Special Advisory Council on Youth Affairs, whose duties are to set actionable goals on youth empowerment, inclusion and development, shows that you are willing to integrate and build youth capacity in your department.

Your Excellency, we would like you to note that we have carefully documented your Policy Statement on the Administration of Local Government and Education, which we await to see your Administration implemented without delay.

“We from the CDHR advise you to view all set actionable goals carefully, and subject them to criticism before gaining approval. While you should also ensure that you do not appoint figures with questionable personalities to your cabinet.”

Ensure that the rule of law prevails over sentiment – urges the Adeleke Center for Human Rights

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