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Enugu youth praise Governor Ogwanye on inclusive governance

On Thursday, the youth of Enugu State rose up in unison to express their deep gratitude to Governor Ifiye Ogwanye for giving them a sense of belonging in governance, saying the gesture is unprecedented in the history of the state.

They said that Governor Ujwani in his humility, kindness, benevolence, peaceful disposition, vision and passion for the growth of young people, gave them a platform to excel as future leaders, saying that the ruler planted them (the youths) as the seeds and that they had germinated.

The youth made the remarks when they paid a “thank you” visit to the Governor at Government House Enugu.

The youth of Enugu State, consisting of leaders and representatives of various youth groups across the state, revealed that they are major beneficiaries of the people-oriented administration of the Ogowanee government, emphasizing that the Governor’s commitment to youth inclusion is second to none in the state records.

They also expressed their gratitude to Governor Ogwanye for being gender sensitive, noting that his administration, for the first time in the history of Enugu State, has accommodated more women, particularly young women in various positions of governance.

The jubilant youth also praised Governor Ogwanye for the development steps his administration has achieved in urban and rural areas with limited resources available to them, considering that they admire what the governor has done in opening rural areas and sub-cities to social and economic development. An expansion in line with his inaugural address.

The youth similarly commended the Governor for establishing the State University of Medical and Applied Sciences (SUMAS), Igbo-Inu, Enugu State, to encourage and promote medical education and provide quality healthcare to the residents of the state.

Therefore, they passed a vote of confidence in Governor Ogwane and pledged to continue to support his peaceful and result-oriented administration as well as stand by him as their father, even after he assumed the office of Governor.

Speaking, Enugu State Youth Organiser, Hon. Bartholomew Ibuka Okoh, expressed his delight that under Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration their clear call for youth involvement had been answered, saying, “This is what we were asking but they kept telling us that youth are the leaders of tomorrow. But you (Ugwuanyi) made us know that tomorrow is now.”

“Under your system, we have young men as Managing Directors (MDs) in many agencies; under your system, we have the youngest members of the House of Representatives; under your system, young men enjoy the scholarship, not only because they enjoy the scholarship, the person who runs the agency in charge of the program is guy.

“Under your regime, we have the youngest Chief and Deputy Chief Local Government Areas, and the youngest Special Assistant (SA) to the Governor in the history of Enugu State.

We know under your system that a ruler does not call anyone and make someone else. You are not bound by protocol, you choose to appeal to all regardless of class and bless people like Jesus Christ. Under your regime, jobs have been given to our women and our youth.”

Revealing that Governor Ogwane’s initiatives for peace and good governance have united the youth of Enugu State, Hon. Okoh, Chairman of the National Youth Council, Enugu State Branch, noted that in appreciation of the rare leadership qualities of the Governor they had come to thank him and reassure him of their solidarity, utmost support and continued prayers for peace and success. The end of his administration in 2023.

Other speakers at the event, such as Comrade Chidi Elugbe, Hon. Ogechukwu Nnamene, Hon. Chika Obita, Comrade Anita Adize, Hon. Edeani M. Edeani, Barr. Frank Agbowo, Comrade Ibob Nyebo, Sebastine Odo, Hon. Lutachukwu Ogbonna, Nnamdi Odo, and Comrade Munday Diamond, paid glowing tributes to Governor Ogwaniye for his humility and commitment to the welfare of the youth, as well as peace and good governance, assuring him of their unwavering support and loyalty.

The climax of the visit was the honoring of the Governor as the ‘Progenitor of Youth Integration’ by the youth of Enugu State.

Enugu youth praise Governor Ogwanye on inclusive governance

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