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EPL: You should take ownership, don’t leave it to others – Neville criticizes Ronaldo

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has criticized Cristiano Ronaldo for not speaking to the media after the team’s defeat to Aston Villa last week.

Neville said Ronaldo needed to take responsibility for what happened, adding that the Portugal captain was not supposed to leave his responsibility to other people to respond to.

Ronaldo was named captain of Manchester United against Aston Villa at Villa Park.

The former Real Madrid and Juventus star could not help his team as the Red Devils lost 3-1 to Unai Emery’s team.

However, Neville, the former Manchester United captain, questioned Ronaldo for not fulfilling what he saw as the captain’s duties after the match.

Speaking on the Interference podcast, Neville said: “He [Ronaldo] The Manchester United captain came out and the team lost. Your task is to speak at the end of the game. I’ve been there in this situation.

“If you win, the player who scored the goal or the star comes out and speaks. If you lose, it’s your goalkeeper, your center back, your captain.

“Why haven’t we heard from him? He should have been there to say, ‘This is the mistake we made today, we’re going to work hard for next week and be ready for the next game.'”

“I think he should already be speaking,” Neville added. “No one has heard him speak for six months, nor have we heard from him.”

“I think the reason why I said earlier that Manchester United would be better without him and that it would be better without Manchester United is because I expected a lot from him because I played with him for six years.

“You take ownership of what happened. You don’t leave it to others to answer your things for you.”

EPL: You should take ownership, don’t leave it to others – Neville criticizes Ronaldo

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