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Father, son attacks doctor, nurse while woman dies in Ogun FMC

An angry man on Tuesday attacked a doctor and a nurse at Federal Medical Centre, Idi Aba, Abeokuta, after the death of his wife.

The man and his son had come down hard on the medics around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, shortly after they were informed of the 53-year-old woman’s death at FMC’s emergency department.

The President of the Nigerian Medical Association in Ogun State, Dr Kunle Ashimye, condemned the attack in a conversation with reporters, saying that the woman died of heart failure.

Ashimi identified the assaulted doctor as Pilome Somorin, adding that the nurse’s identity had yet to be confirmed.

According to him, the father and son slapped the doctor when they were informed of the death of a family member.

Ashimi said the 53-year-old woman presented to the hospital with a severe form of heart failure, which in itself, he said, shows that it takes more than a miracle for the woman to survive.

In other words, she was in the final stage of heart failure. This was explained to the relatives when she was brought to the facility, but despite this, we also believe in miracles and feel we must do our best to find out what can happen.”

Unfortunately, this particular patient gave up the ghost around two in the morning and the husband and son of the deceased descended upon the doctor who was attending to the patient when the news of her death was announced.

The doctor received a slap from all of them and then they descended on her and only the people around her saved her.

“A nurse was also assaulted by these people,” he said.

The head of the association stated that the police were alerted, but despite their presence, the son continued the assault.

It was reported that the data protection officer at Kimta Police Station, who led the police team to the scene, eventually took the duo to the station, where their statements were taken.

Meanwhile, Ashimi has warned Nigerians to stop assaulting healthcare providers, vowing to prosecute anyone found guilty.

We have decided that this will be the last and we will not stop at arguments. We have decided to take the case to court and will be in court tomorrow.

“Every legal process has begun and we will take this case to court.

“We want to make an appeal as well as a warning to all those who use the services of hospitals in Ogun that the Nigerian Medical Association as well as its affiliates and each individual physician will henceforth not accept the term ‘we are sorry’ from anyone who assaults any of our members.

He warned, “We will do everything we can to go after these people and we will not accept the plea of ​​anyone, no matter how high this person is.”

Ogun’s police public relations officer, Abimbola Oyemi, could not be reached for comment.

Father, son attacks doctor, nurse while woman dies in Ogun FMC

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