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FCT: They’re trying to manipulate me – shouts PT’s Eriete Kingbe

The Federal Capital Territory (FTT) Senate candidate for the Labor Party, Ireti Kingbe, has cried out over an alleged move to rig her election.

According to her, she has already witnessed her victory but now it is slipping through her fingers as her opponents are now trying their best to steal her mandate.

At a press conference in Abuja on Monday, she recounted how thugs attacked the Gwerinba Collafion Center and destroyed the results papers even those for the presidential elections.

“All the results sheets show there was no excessive voting in polling units, so how can you now abolish the entire Borough Council? Take a seat and it won’t happen.

We will not watch them nor stand up to this rubbish. Everywhere abolish all polling units where we are strong. INEC’s supposedly strong and adequately secured collection center went and ripped everything up to the presidential results sheets. The thugs went to the Guarinba Assembly Center, attacked it and tore all the presidential results papers and drove away.

“They looked for reasons to cancel the Asuma ward but they couldn’t and couldn’t cancel Puari Central, these are our strongholds but they couldn’t. Unfortunately, they found an error in the total and said the vote was overrated, but the Ethics Office said ‘No,'” not like that. It is the fault of whoever wrote it whether it was done on purpose or for whatever purpose you can customize the filter. What kind of country do we run? What the leaders of this country are looking for, they will find.

“Those of us at the bottom have heard enough. We certainly have. When you complain about anything they say go to the ballot but when you go to the ballot and they still complain it’s not enough. The will of the people must be done.”

FCT: They’re trying to manipulate me – shouts PT’s Eriete Kingbe

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