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Fear of herdsmen writing to Ogun communities about the planned attack

Residents of the Asa, Agbon, Ibeku and Oja-Odan communities in Yewa-North Local Government Area in Ogun State are now facing fear of possible attacks after messages they received from those they described as murderous herdsmen.

The unidentified persons were said to have written to residents of the Ogun communities in Ogun State, threatening to storm their home in a revenge attack.

According to the notice posted on walls throughout the respective villages on Saturday, the men have informed residents of their intention to attack the gatherings very soon.

In the message, written in both English and Hausa, the shepherds notified community leaders to expect them to come between December and January 2023.

“Attention! Attention!! Attention!! to all the following communities; Asa, Agbon, lbeku, Oja-odan and their environs.

“You think you can drive our people out of the land they bought in Nigeria, the land of our fathers, and kill our people, and kill their cows, and take all their property. You think you can go without scott. It’s time for us to take our revenge.”

All leaders of the above communities must prepare for war between December and January. “We are coming to take back our father’s property,” the notice read.

He was contacted, and the police public relations officer in Ogun, Abimbola Oyemi, confirmed that he had seen the letter.

However, Oyeyemi reassured local communities of the leadership’s obligation to disclose those behind the notice of the attack.

“Well, I saw the letter that was allegedly written by the Unsubstantiated group. We believe it was the Unsubstantiated group who wrote the letter. No information is too small to be taken into account.

We do not ignore it. We are working on it to uncover who is behind it.

The Daily Post reports that clashes between farmers/herders have claimed lives in affected communities since time immemorial.

In the first quarter of 2021, many residents of the communities fled their homes to the neighboring Republic of Benin, to avoid being killed by herdsmen.

The crisis came to a head after an agitator of the Yoruba nation visited the Igwa in North Iwa to expel some Fulani herders.

Some angry youths set fire to a Fulani settlement in Igwa district after Sunday.

In response, some suspected shepherds attacked many villages, killing and setting houses on fire.

It took the intervention of Governor Dabo Abiodun and some northern rulers to bring the situation under control.

Fear of herdsmen writing to Ogun communities about the planned attack

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