Femi Otedola gifted her daughter a £5 million house for her 30th birthday

Femi Otedola, a wealthy Nigerian businessman, spent £5 million on a country house to honor DJ Cuban, his daughter, who turned 30 on Friday.

The jockey, Florence Otedola, shared conversations with her father on Instagram on Friday. Otedola thanked his daughter for making him constantly proud of the now-deleted messages. As a birthday present, he also promised her a £5m country house.

check it out;

Of course not, Ifemiii! I will never be able to forget #CuppyDay! Happy birthday, Effimy, my angel. For your 30th birthday, I gave Andy at Barclays an order to spend £5 million (£5 million) on a country house.

“I can’t think of any other gift suitable for you on this memorable occasion. You have consistently brought joy into my life and made Baba happy year after year,” he said in the text.

Cuppy captioned the photo with a variety of emojis to show her shock and said, “Speak, @femiotedola.” Early in the month, the millionaire celebrated his 60th birthday. Otedola and his family rented the luxury boat Christina O for three weeks to celebrate.

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