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FG urged investment in natural rubber in view of the bumper earnings

The federal government has been asked to increase investment in the natural rubber sector to ensure that it returns to its first position and gains in abundance from there.

The call was made at the Raw Materials Research and Development Council in Abuja when 57 key rubber stakeholders in the private and public sectors gathered to unveil a book on rubber development in Nigeria.

They note that enthusiasm for rubber production in the country is at an all-time low because the project is seen as unprofitable compared to other cash crops.

Director of Research and Coordinator of the International Rubber Research Council, Dr. Timothy Esikhadi and General Manager of National Motors, represented by Noah Omisanya, made the connection in their various technical papers presented at the event.

The government should invest more in terms of awareness and advocacy to attract more investors to the rubber sector.

“This is because there has been a steady decline in rubber production in Nigeria which has caused the country to go from being the largest rubber producer in Africa to the second highest.”

They lamented that the government had since distanced itself from the sector even to the point that government chapters of the recognized rubber association, NARPPMAN, no longer received support such as land, seedlings and access to financial assistance from the government.

They lamented the lack of awareness among farmers of the investment opportunities that abound in the rubber value chain.

They emphasized that more research is needed to enable the reduction of the rubber bearing period to attract more farmers in the rubber sector.

The stakeholders emphasized the need to reorganize the rubber industry through the development of a National Rubber Development Policy in Nigeria.

While they called on farmers to turn their challenges in the sector into opportunities to reinvigorate the rubber sector, they said small rubber growers should aim to compare notes with other rubber producing countries in Africa and around the world to identify gaps and reaffirm. Sector leadership roles.

They stressed the importance of granting facilities to rubber investors as a means of stimulating increased production and enhancing the current export price of Nigerian rubber, which is lower than local prices due to factors focused on competitiveness.

This has led local manufacturers to purchase rubber from other countries such as Côte d’Ivoire as local processing plants are operating at less than optimal capacity.

“There is also a need to produce high-quality seedlings and distribute them to rubber growers, and to develop improved, high-quality seedling farms across the rubber production belt.”

FG urged investment in natural rubber in view of the bumper earnings

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