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Fintiri submits N175bn 2023 budget proposal to the Adamawa Association

Governor Ahmadu Venteri on Friday submitted a budget proposal of N175 billion to the House of Representatives for consideration as the state budget for fiscal year 2023.

Presenting the budget to lawmakers on the parliament floor in Yola, Venteri said he marked it as the consolidation budget and the projects it will fund will consolidate what his government has done in the precious years since he became governor in 2019.

According to him, the total proposal of N175,019,054,060 includes a recurrent expenditure proposal of N105,011,432,436 or 60 per cent of the total proposal, and a capital expenditure proposal of N70,007,621624 or 40 per cent. of the total proposed budget.

He announced that education will allocate the largest share of the capital expenditure proposal because apart from working on the sustainability of many ongoing projects in the sector, some new projects, such as the establishment of three private schools for the gifted, will be absorbed into the proposed budget.

He pledged in his long budget speech that, in keeping with his tradition of prompt delivery of projects, all ongoing projects would be completed within their allotted timeframes.

In response to the governor’s proposal, the Speaker of the Adamawa State House of Representatives, Right Honor Aminu Iya Abbas, expressed confidence that when reviewed and approved, the 2023 budget will be seriously implemented by the Ventiri government.

He declared that as an expression of admiration for the Ventiri implementation of free education for the citizens of the State, the assembly commenced work on a bill to enact a law that would require all subsequent governors to implement free and compulsory basic education in the state.

Fintiri submits N175bn 2023 budget proposal to the Adamawa Association

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