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Four girls are lured into prostitution in Delta while looking for school fees

Reportedly, one Madame of Success lured four girls said to be looking for money back to school to become prostitutes.

The girls (names withheld) were lured from Akwa Ibom to Agbor in Delta state after Ms Success told them she had a job in a beer shop but were allegedly put in a brothel and forced to sleep with at least five men a day.

The girls, said to be between 13 and 15 years old, were rescued by Anambra State Women and Child Welfare Commissioner, Ms. Ify Obinabo, in Onitsha, where their trafficker was also arrested.

According to Shidima Ikinyono, media assistant for Obinabo, the commissioner, working with men from the police, broke into a park in Onitsha on a tip-off and rescued the girls while arresting the trafficker as they boarded a bus bound for Delta State.

Ikinyono said, in a press release, that Ms. Al-Najah was summoned on Friday before the Special Magistrates’ Court for Children, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Oka, where she was denied bail and also returned to pre-trial detention.

Recounting their experiences, the girls said: “Auntie Success told us that she had a business opportunity for us in Agbor, Delta State, where we would sell drinks in a beer shop, but upon getting there, we found out it was prostitution work they had brought us to do.

“The men pay N1,000 or N2,000 directly to our lady, who gives us N400 every day just for feeding. Madam Success’ direct payment made it difficult for us to have any cash on hand.

“These gowns (tight garments) were bought for us with the proceeds that people pay our lady, and this is what she told us.”

The girls said they made several attempts to escape but were caught and severely punished.

“After the punishment, we were taken to a herbalist who forced us to take an oath that we would never escape or we would die.”

They regretted that in their quest to secure their school fees they had been drawn into the act.

Four girls are lured into prostitution in Delta while looking for school fees

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