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Fuel Scarcity: Students, DSS Return Team Alert, Falana blows up

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), National Association of University Students (NAUS) and local civil society organization (CSO), on Sunday commended the Department of State Services (DSS) for issuing an ultimatum to oil marketers over fuel. A rarity in some parts of the country.

DSS on Thursday issued a 24-hour ultimatum to relevant stakeholders in the oil industry to end fuel scarcity during a meeting with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL), Leading Senior Marketers, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, (IPMAN) and the Tanker Drivers Branch of NUPENG.

But activist lawyer Femi Falana called the warning an empty threat.

His statement was met with condemnation from many bodies and groups including NANS, NAUS and also Aboriginal people, whose Supreme Leader and Chief General Smart Edwards condemned Falana for defaming the DSS.

“I would like to emphatically commend the Director General of the State Department and his team for being proactive and responsive to the aspirations of Nigerians,” Edwards told a news conference. Indeed, there seems to be a glimmer of hope when the intelligence community rises to the defense of its citizens.

“We are pleased to hear and see that the state security system is not limited to limiting or reducing threats only, but rather it is rising to impose reason and order.”

He noted that it was now “normal” that there should be artificial scarcity in the country every festive season, and blamed the “gang of the oil industry and patriotic vandals”, who cause “the hardship of the citizens to satisfy their profiteering”.

“This action on the part of State Security is commendable, for it has risen to the challenge, in defense of ordinary citizens, to resist any plot calculated to unleash untold hardship on Nigerians,” Edwards said.

He urged Nigerians to stand by its security forces to “break the gang of conspirators and criminals, who have the privilege of being in the oil sector”.

Further speaking, he said: “How can we explain that Principal Executive Director, NNPCL, Mele Kyari, in his recent determination to preserve the gains from the relative peace and discoveries in the Niger Delta, has not only been seen to move from one site to another to check the availability of fuel all over the country, he even declared that there was enough fuel in the warehouses to meet the consumption of the citizens during this period, then suddenly a scarcity arose, to the point that now half of the roads are blocked causing long queues to appear again in the country.”

According to him, “For us, this is definitely a case of vandalism and requires thorough investigations.”

He reminded Nigerians of the exposure of Tombolo in November to a conspiracy about Nigerian crude oil by international oil companies and powerful forces with the active complicity of the locals and security agencies, as well as the claim of life-threatening NNPCL Chairman Mele Kyari, in a clear indication of a powerful cartel behind this national sabotage. and plunder the country’s wealth.

“Therefore, we condemn in strong terms Femi Falana’s statement which appears to discredit the patriotic moves by the DSS,” Edwards stated.

In his words: “This is a citizen’s problem. We must rise to the occasion and support the leadership of the new NNPCL, DSS and every necessary national effort to reposition, reinvigorate and revive the oil industry for the benefit of Nigerians, so that it enhances our welfare, well-being and. [provides] Jobs for young people and [make us] prosperous country

The group urged the intelligence service to go ahead and carry out “national operations because the alert indicated not only the readiness but also the ability to stop this madness.”

Fuel Scarcity: Students, DSS Return Team Alert, Falana blows up

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