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Gambian military officers arrested after a coup attempt

Two Gambian military officers have been arrested on charges of plotting to remove President Adama Barrow from office.

A statement by government spokesman Ebrima Sankare on Monday said they were arrested at the weekend.

Their arrest came after an earlier interception of a group of soldiers trying to organize the mutiny.

Sankare pointed out that “two other soldiers … were arrested at the end of the week while helping investigators uncover allegations of plans to overthrow the government.”

Among the officers are a second lieutenant from the Gambia Infantry and a captain from the Military Intelligence and Security Unit.

They were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The search for other alleged conspirators continues.

The government stated that seven military personnel were in detention.

Barrow has been the President of The Gambia since 2017. He was re-elected in December 2021.

Africa has witnessed a series of coups since August 2020. The affected countries are Mali, Guinea, Sudan and Burkina Faso.

A coup d’état was carried out in Sudan in October 2021 after a failed attempt. The military has restored civilian power, but it is still actively involved in government.

Gambian military officers arrested after a coup attempt

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