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Ganduji pardons 12 death row prisoners

The Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduji, has pardoned 12 death row prisoners who have spent 25 years on death row.

This came in a statement issued by the Nigerian Correctional Service (NIS) Spokesperson, Kano State Command, Musabhu Kfar Nasarawa, on Tuesday in Kano.

Kafr Nasrawa said the governor also commuted the death sentences of six prisoners to life imprisonment

Gandouj also pardoned four female inmates who had been sentenced to long-term sentences based on their good behavior and diligence as recommended by the correctional authority.

He said, “The released prisoners were given five thousand non-two transportation fees to enable them to reunite with their families.”

The Chairman of the State Mercy Excellence Commission, Mr. Abdullah Garba Ranu, commended Ganduji for using the power given to him by the Constitution to release prisoners.

Ganduji pardons 12 death row prisoners

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