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General Elections: Resist Politicians Who Try to Buy Your Vote – Bishop Adeoye

As Nigerians plan to go to the polls on Saturday, the Principal Bishop of the World Anglican Church (WAC) in Nigeria, Bishop Seon Adewe, has called on voters to resist politicians who are trying to buy their votes.

A spokesperson for the World Bishops’ Conference (WBC) in Africa made the call in a statement released on Thursday in Osogbo.

Adeoye stated that Nigerians are going through the agony he has gone through in the past few weeks due to the shortage of new naira notes, and it would be inconvenient for anyone to have such cash to buy votes during the polls.

“We have been told that the new naira notes are not available to Nigerians because the cash printed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been wiped out by politicians.

Therefore, our real enemies are those who removed the new naira notes from circulation and kept them out of reach of the masses for the purpose of using them to buy votes on election day.

If we see anyone sharing the same new naira notes as vote-buying inducements, we should not hesitate to report them to the security services. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has already issued phone numbers that you can call when you see it.

Vote against any political party that tries to bribe you. Some say to take their money and vote against them, but I say refuse and vote against them because this money is blood money from the bad guys.

Bishop Adeoye also advised voters to turn out in droves on Saturday to vote for their chosen candidates.

He called on security personnel in the election mission to be vigilant in checking potential perpetrators of violence

General Elections: Resist Politicians Who Try to Buy Your Vote – Bishop Adeoye

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