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Governor Ogwanye names the new multi-door court building after Court of Appeal Judge Agbo

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State inaugurated his administration’s newly constructed multi-door Enugu Court to reinforce its unprecedented interventions in the state’s judiciary for the efficient administration of justice.

Enugu State Courthouse multi-door opening proper, located within the Three Arms District of Independence Scheme, Enugu, was named Hon. Court of Appeal Judge Rafael Chikoye Agbo congratulated Al-Fiqhi, a native of the country, for the “honor he deserves”.

In his address during the grand opening and naming of the building, the Chief Justice of the State, Hon. Justice Afugulu Raymond Uzumina expressed his gratitude to Governor Ogwanye for his administration’s tremendous support of the judiciary in Enugu State, stressing that the governor had been “extremely supportive.”

presence. “The official inauguration of this magnificent edifice and the symbolism of friendship, concord and harmony is testament to your Excellency’s commitment to the promotion of justice and peace in Enugu State,” said Justice Uzumina.

Therefore, the Chief Justice thanked Governor Ogwane “for your unwavering support of the Enugu Multi-door Court and the Enugu State Judiciary.”

He paid tribute to the Governor, saying, “The sheer force of purpose and vision that has driven your administration and has distinguished it so markedly and above the rest has set a standard that will serve as a beacon to each successive generation and government.”

She challenged the myth that mediocrity is the bane of leadership and ensured that those who truly desire to serve can.

“This majestic edifice is designated as a beacon and habitat for all peace-loving and peace-makers in the region.”

presence. Judge Uzumina also congratulated Hon. Justice Agbo commended him for his continued support of the judiciary in Enugu State, explaining that the building was named after him in recognition of his unwavering support.

The Chief Justice also paid tribute to his predecessor, the Hon. Justice Priscilla Ngozi Emhilo (retired) for being the mastermind of the project, expressing her happiness that her initiative could bear fruit.

In her remarks, Administrator of the Multi-Door Court in Enugu State, Ms. Caroline Etoke, said Governor Ogwane was “God’s great handcraft to bring about this wonderful work,” adding, “If you did not believe that it was necessary for this young man to have an organization of his own, it would not have happened.” Today never. Your support and dedication to this project was the spark that ignited the fire. We thank you very much, Your Excellency.”

Revealing that the Enugu State Multi-Door Court was established in 2018 under the Enugu State Multi-Door Court Act, Ms. Ettoke added that the organization was officially inaugurated by Governor Ugwuanyi on December 17, 2018.

She explained that the goals of the organization include enhancing access to justice by providing alternative mechanisms to complement litigation in dispute resolution and serving as a focal point for promoting alternative dispute resolution in Enugu State.

Among the notables at the event was Hon. Judge Agbo, President of the Court of Appeal Martial Law, Enugu State, Hon. Judge George Chipose Nnamani, Prosecutor and Commissioner for Justice, President Miletus Eze. Judge Emhello, Commissioner for Special Duties, Hon. Mrs. Mabel Abo.

Governor Ogwanye names the new multi-door court building after Court of Appeal Judge Agbo

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