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Guard 2023: Workers’ Party candidate Ogun joins Adebutu of the PDP

The Labor Party’s candidate for the February 25 House of Representatives elections in Abeokuta South, Tululup Phillips, joined the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Ogun State, Ladi Adepoto, ahead of the March 11 elections.

Phillips said the Ogun Central Labor Party will vote for the PDP during the gubernatorial election.

While receiving Adebuto at his campaign office in Abeokuta, the LDP candidate directed his supporters and Ogun residents to come out on Saturday and cast their vote for the PDP.

According to him, this has become necessary because the LLP has no gubernatorial candidate in the state.

He said Adebutu was seen as the most credible of all the gubernatorial candidates in Ogun, saying his support for the PDP leader was to ensure that the dividends of democracy reached all and sundry.

Phillips, who lost the House of Representatives election to All Progressives Congress candidate Afolabi Afuabe, said: “The Labor Party doesn’t have a gubernatorial candidate. What we want in Ogun is progress. Don’t think about Saturday, let’s think about the consequences. I haven’t collected anything from the PDP.” I am doing this because I want to get the benefits of democracy for our people in Ogun State. We must not allow our state to continue like this.”

Speaking, Adebutu appreciated the LP candidate as he assured the Ogun people of comfort if he showed up.

The gubernatorial candidate also revealed that his mission is to build the Ogun State that people long for.

He said: We want relief for Ogun state. We are after building the state of Ogun that we dreamed of. Let’s vote for these thieves. All members of the Labor Party, you will not regret voting for the People’s Democratic Party.”

Guard 2023: Workers’ Party candidate Ogun joins Adebutu of the PDP

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