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Guardian 2023: The merger of the Obi/Datti movement with the YPP in A’Ibom

Peter Obi Yusuf Dati’s campaign movement popularly called ‘Obidients’ in Akwa Ibom State on Saturday, March 4, has collapsed its structure into the Youth Progressive Party, YPP in the upcoming March 11 elections for state governor.

This came in a press release signed by Otwabase Asogo and Enger Otwabase Ntiah, respectively the organizer and coordinator of the movement in the state. The statement was read during an official announcement in support of the YPP gubernatorial candidate, Senator Basi Akpan in Oyo, the state capital.

Rejecting the suggestion that the Obi Dati movement is in favor of the Labor Party, the coalition said: “As slaves, we are not swayed by political party politics or ideologies. Instead, we are looking for candidates of good character, ability, competence and compassion. We have chosen to promote the best presidential candidate, the Labor Party.” Mr. Peter Obi, because we have seen that he has the solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

“In Akwa Ibom, after a long meeting with all the 100-plus support groups, we did adequate background checks on all the gubernatorial candidates from the various political parties in the state. We used a formula called 4C – Character, Ability, Competence and Compassion, and Senator Basi Akpan fits in perfectly. shoe.”

The statement read: “As you know, the Obi Dati Movement transcends party lines. We are a group of like-minded people who desire a better Nigeria. We are very passionate about good governance in our state and local communities.”

We have learned our lessons. We will support the political party that supported our principle on February 25th. We will mobilize all Obi Dati structures into the 354 polling units to vote for YPP in the March 11 Conservative election.

“It should be noted that the Obi Dati Movement in Akwa Ibom State worked very hard to ensure that our President, Peter Obi, won the presidential elections on the 25th of February in the state, but those huge votes and results that weakened the main political parties in the state were manipulated in various centers. Grouping of INEC divisions in 31 local government areas by PDP.

“YPP deserves all the support from the Obidient Movement in Akwa Ibom State for showing us so much love by standing with the Obidient crowd to get our Principal, Mr. Peter Obi, on polling units 4354 in Akwa Ibom State.

“In life, he deserves another good detour. YPP’s gubernatorial candidate Senator Obong Bassey Albert and his dear wife have always been supportive of achieving a new Nigeria with Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed. Even when our people voted for Peter Obi, the PDP manipulated the results to ensure that Obi lost, We got married in Akwa Ibom.

“As we work to liberate the Nigerian masses from the bondage of the present government, we are determined to work and liberate our brothers and sisters in Akwa Ibom from the bondage of those who feel entitled to decide who rules.”

Speaking earlier, the Akwa Ibom Non-Indigenous Coordinator and General Chair of the Igbo community in the state, President Sunday Uri, described the endorsement as amazing saying that since Senator Albert publicly supported Peter Obi, their brother, handing over his local government for the presidential candidate, it falls to It is their responsibility to reciprocate by supporting him during the March 11 gubernatorial election.

While praying for victory and safety, President Urey urged people not to be discouraged by the experience of February 25th, but instead to make a bold statement with PVCs.

Senator Akpan, upon receiving the endorsement, thanked the “temples” for showing love and trust in him, and promised not to let them down.

He also promised to create a conducive environment for traders who are mainly Igbos to conduct their business without excessive taxation as they are currently facing and promised to establish an office for non-natives or private assistants where their welfare and concerns would be directed.

Senator Akpan urged people to vote for him promising to secure his votes across the state even as he said he would not allow the HDP to repeat what it did during the February 25 presidential election.

Guardian 2023: The merger of the Obi/Datti movement with the YPP in A’Ibom

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