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Guber Elections: APC voted to enjoy ‘Central Government’ – leader of the Kano population

The Governors Campaign Council of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Kano has explained why it is important and crucial for indigenous people in the state to vote for the party in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Director General of the Campaign Council, former Secretary to the State Government Rabio Suleiman Bishi said that with the APC at the summit, Kano would enjoy a working relationship with the national government if she was voted into office.

“We are optimistic about winning, but nevertheless, our people should be reminded that they must make an extra effort to ensure that the APC is elected to positions in Kano so that we enjoy the central government’s participation and serious concern,” said Bechi.

Addressing reporters on Thursday, Bishi along with other members of the campaign council, including Information Commissioner Mallam Mohamed Garba, said they are resuming their campaign in full force.

After a pocket of violence was reported in the just concluded presidential elections in some parts of Kano, Peche assured that the APC’s campaign, which had been peaceful, would remain peaceful until after the elections.

He said, “We were peaceful and supportive of Yusef Jawona, the candidate of our party’s governor. He was preaching peace, and this will remain our symbol and our way of doing things.”

He said, “We have a formidable candidate. We are not afraid because we have known that the Kano people are aware of who we are and who we are, so, God willing, Nasiru Yusuf Gauna will be the ruler.”

The campaign council appealed to the people of Kano to preserve the peace that the state had enjoyed in the last eight years of the Ganduji government.

Guber Elections: APC voted to enjoy ‘Central Government’ – leader of the Kano population

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