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Hope for a better country in 2023 – Osun President, Owoye accuses Nigerians

The Speaker of the Osun State House of Representatives Timothy Owo has called on Nigerians and the people of Osun to let go of the hardship of the past year and move forward with hope for a better Nigeria than they wish for in the new year 2023.

In his New Year’s message from his media aide, Kunle Alabe, the Speaker of the House of Representatives asked Nigerians to strive to ensure that the tested politicians and their kin are voted on in this year’s general elections to herald the rapid recovery of the economy.

Oye also stressed that residents and citizens should wait with the hope that all that was lost with the economic hardships of the past year will be compensated through determination, hard work and perseverance.

He reaffirmed that the nation will overcome its economic and security challenges as Nigeria enters a new phase of economic prosperity in the new year.

“I encourage the good people of Osun and Nigerians to rise up with hope and take their destiny into their own hands as they enter the year 2023. This little contribution to the development of the country by all and sundry will go a long way in having a better Nigeria.”

“We must also take this year’s general elections seriously, every party must stand on top by ensuring elections are free and fair from violence, and must vote for the outstanding people who can take Osun and Nigeria to greater heights.

“When voting, our tribe, religion or personal interests should not play a role, we should vote for the best. Our common enemy is ‘bad infrastructure’, it doesn’t know you, it doesn’t respect you and we will all suffer together unless we do the right thing with our votes.

“A little input from you, a little input from me and we’ll finally have a better country and country.

“You and I know very well that with darkness, there can be neither success nor breakthrough. No matter how hopeless a situation may be, it can be changed with the right attitude, if we all put the country first in everything we do, the change we desire All will happen in our lifetime.”

Hope for a better country in 2023 – Osun President, Owoye accuses Nigerians

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