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How DCP Abba Kyari bribed me to implicate Saraki in the Offa robbery – suspect

The suspect in the notorious Offa robbery case, in Kwara State, Ayoade Akinrinboson, revealed on Wednesday that the former leader of the IRT team, DCP Abba Kyari, offered him N10m to implicate the former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki in the robbery case.

The suspect, who appeared before the trial judge, Judge Alimat Salman of the Kwara State High Court sitting in Ilorin, also revealed that Michael Adekwe, the main mastermind of the robbery incident, was shot dead in his presence in Abuja Abatwer. Police command.

He alleged that the incident forced him to agree to implicate Bukola Saraki in a prepared statement to the press.

Ayoade, one of the five suspects facing trial in the Ufa robbery case, which was led by defense counsel, Mathias Emrebe, alleged that Abba Kyari, also promised him a visa to any country of his choice if he agreed to his request to implicate Dr. Saraki.

However, he refused the offer, saying, “Abba Kyari said I must confess and say that it was Siraki who told them to go and steal.

The suspect added, “I told him I wouldn’t do it, and that I’d rather die for what I didn’t do than lie to an innocent man.”

He said that Abba Kyari told him to think about the request well and ordered Hasan and Mashood to return him to the cell different from where the others were held with instructions that he should stop torturing him.

Ayoade, further alleged that some shepherds were killed in his presence and he was also mercilessly tortured and shot in the leg in an effort to force him to implicate Dr. Saraki.

The suspect who confirmed that Dr. Saraki had nothing to do with the alleged theft case said, “We were like 15 to 20 suspects who were taken to Abuja, I know only a few of them. We were outside and served meals, but I could not eat because of the torture I was subjected to.” Having them in their hands in Ilorin, they asked Kunle Ogunle to feed me.

They separated five of us, put us in the house of the generators, and ordered the next officer, Hassan Attila, to bring in the shepherds.

“They went to get the five Fulani men and killed them all in my presence,” he claimed.

“I was told this is not a movie. He told me to stretch my leg and shoot in my right leg. He shot me in the second leg but when I tried to move my leg the bullet hit my grave.”

The trial judge has adjourned the case until February 13, 2023.

At least nine police officers were killed in the bloody robbery that claimed the lives of more than 30 people.

How DCP Abba Kyari bribed me to implicate Saraki in the Offa robbery – suspect

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