How does it feel to have Mr. Ibo as a father

Jasmine Okafor is the daughter of Mr. John Okafor, better known as Mr. Ibo. During a recent interview, Jasmine opened up about how Mr. Ibo is as a father, and how it feels to work with him. Here’s what she said about both things.

Speaking of how Mr Ibo is a father, Yasmine Okafor said: “Given the fact that he is more experienced than me and is a really open person, I don’t think there is an end to my discussions with him. He listens more and won’t hold back on any information he thinks is useful to anyone. I’d rather trust him than anyone else. I don’t think there is any Limits to the kind of conversations I can have with him. Because he’s open-minded and more experienced, it’s easy for me to open up to him at any time.”

Yasmin Okafor talks about acting alongside her father in a Proda Shaggy sitcom: “I featured a Pro Shaggi skit and it wasn’t my dad’s first time. I actually did a skit with Zicsaloma before one with Shaggi. Being with Broda Shaggi was fun. It’s simple. It made acting so easy for me. When I was about to film Sitcom, I didn’t know what to expect.”

“(Broda Shaggy) was excited about filming and the excitement was contagious, so I just got in on it. Filming with him was fun and amazing. When my parents (Mr. Ibo) met Shaggy, they “clicked” right away. I think my dad was enjoying the set because he talked about it All week long.”

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