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How many times was Ahmed Gulaq killed? – Hurewa inquires Imo Police

The Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, Horewa, has criticized the Imo State Police Command for its handling of the killing of the late former Presidential Adviser Amed Gulak.

The rights group charged the police with being professional, complying with global best practices, and adhering to the rules of engagement.

Freedom wants the country’s leadership to tell the people how two groups of suspected murderers of the politician appeared.

In a statement in Abuja, Comrade Emmanuel Onubiko, the National Coordinator for Horiwa, referred to a police statement earlier this year in which the leadership said the Anti-Kidnapping Unit had arrested one of the suspected killers of Gulak.

It was widely reported that Gulak was killed on 30 May 2021, on his way to Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Owerri, by armed men.

In June 2022, the leadership said that Anosike Chimaobi of Umuedo Obohia, in the state’s Ahiazu Mbaise council district, was involved in the killing.

The command’s public relations officer, Michael Abatam, presented the suspect to reporters in Owerri, saying that Chimaobe was equally involved in the attack and killing of several police officers.

Now Horewa wonders how police leadership, six months after announcing the killing of Gulak’s killers, came back on Tuesday to say it had arrested Lance Corporal Nwango Chiwendo, a Nigerian army deserter, for allegedly killing Gulak.

The rights group challenged the police and other security forces to build their intelligence and work professionally to eliminate the terrorists who are unleashing devastating violence in the entire Southeast region.

The group said that there is an apparent contradiction in the police allegations regarding Gulak’s killing, wondering why the detainees have not been tried yet.

“We are sick and tired of all these periodic Nollywood or Hollywood films organized by the Nigerian Police and Army while parading some suspects who have reportedly been arrested, and these dance performances have been staged and released in public places for the entertainment values ​​of the public,” the group said.

“The essence of law enforcement is not to hold media rallies of suspects merely for consumption by media consumers, but the task of law enforcement authorities is to bring justice for any crime committed against the Nigerian State and the citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

How many times was Ahmed Gulaq killed? – Hurewa inquires Imo Police

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