How the mother of the child, Hanks Anoko, and his ex-wife abandoned him

Hanks Anuko is one of the most loved actors of Nollywood. The man knew the thrill of action in movies and the unique tone of his voice.

The legendary actor has been in the news about his alleged mental condition. Recently a video surfaced online in which the legendary actor was seen walking around the streets looking like he was ripped off.

While some tried to verify the authenticity of the video, others called the actors’ union to see it, while many attributed his unstable behavior to drugs. His younger classmates, Adanma Luke and Iheme Nancy, confirm his poor mental state.

In a new update, the actor’s family has reportedly dumped him. Hanks Anuko has three children with two women. His young mother has been identified as Tonya Okodeboni and ex-wife with two children, a boy and a girl.

Recall that, last year, Hanks Anoko revealed that he infected his wife with HIV and slept with more than 80 women, claiming that it happened when he went to Zambia without his family in 2011 to work on HIV and AIDS shows.

According to him, he slept with a variety of ladies and never cared about his family. He admitted that he started drinking and became an irresponsible husband, enabling his wife to carry the burden of the family.

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