I can’t sing the way I used to because of my kids

The award-winning Nigerian singer, Ayo Balogun, better known as Wizkid, has said that he plans to change the way he sings because of his children. While speaking during a recent interview with Guardian UK, Essence crooner revealed that he plans to change his lyrics.

A father of four pointed out that he should be careful with the type of words he uses in his songs because his children listen to them.

By shedding more light on his upcoming album, “More Love Less Ego,” the father-of-four made it clear that the next chapter in his life is managing his ego and living forever through his music.

Wizkid, who recently watched the Bob Marley musical “Get Up, Stand Up!” He noted that watching the play reaffirmed what he wanted for his life. “Bob Marley influenced my music,” he said.

He said, “Besides managing my ego, another goal for this new chapter is to live forever.” Not physically, but for everything I made to live forever. I recently went to see the Bob Marley musical “Get Up, Stand Up!” I was like, “Yo, we’re watching a Bob Marley play and this guy passed away decades ago.”

“I didn’t even know he died at the age of 36. He did so much at a young age. He just reaffirms what I’m doing; I have to keep taking this to the highest levels. Because I know that one day they will definitely create a play about me” he added.

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